ZOOmobile Outreach Programs

“Connecting People with Nature”

The ZooMobile outreach program visits schools, daycares, senior centers, libraries, community fairs, and numerous other locations in Fargo, Moorhead, and the surrounding communities. With the use of biofacts (animal artifacts) and/or a maximum of two small animals, our educator provides a fun and interesting presentation about animal information and conservation issues.


Most programs can be adapted for any age or grade level. Each program is approximately 30 minutes long. The cost of the program is based on the size of the group and distance from the Zoo.
All About Animals
Are you interested in a fun, informative way to meet and learn about some of our outreach animals? Then this is the program for you! Get up close and personal with our furry, scaly, and feathered friends.
Amazing Animal Adaptations
How can some birds fly, reptiles control their body temperature, and mammals have teeth that are perfect to chew the food they eat? Find out how different species have evolved adaptations to help them survive in their environment.
Home Sweet Habitat
A shelter is only one of the items an animal needs to survive. Learn about how animals live in their environments and what they need to be happy and healthy in the wild.
Night and Day
Discover who stays awake when the sun goes down, who snoozes in the afternoon, and who sleeps when the stars shine.
Predator-Prey Relationships
Did you know some animals are vegetarians? Within a food chain there are all kinds of animals: carnivores, omnivores, herbivores, and more! We’ll talk about how animals linked in the complicated circle of life.

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To schedule a ZooMobile program, please fill out our online form. Our education department staff will follow up with you to schedule your outreach visit.