Wildlife League

The purpose of the program is to help create knowledge of future career opportunities. This program will help serve as a stepping stone for future job applications and give teens hands on experience with the multitude of departments that the Zoo has to offer. These opportunities would include anything from Guest Services, Zookeeping, Grounds, or Education, and so much more! It will be an interactive, conservation focused teen growth program, however, it will involve hard work occasionally just as a typical job would.

Who: Students between in grades 9th-12th (or 14-17 years old)

What: A transitional program that will help prepare teens for future job and leadership endeavors

Where: Red River Zoo

When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 9am until 2pm

Divided into trimesters, and only runs during the School Year
Why: Gain knowledge and experience at the Red River Zoo


    • Register online
    • $125/child for Zoo members, $175/child for non-Zoo members per trimester
    • There will be an interview process
    • Submit a Letter of Recommendation or References from Outside of Family at the time of an interview
    • Work minimum two shifts (4.5 hours a shift) each month, maximum 4 shifts per month(subject to change at the discretion of the Education Department).
    • Work two events each Trimester
      • Fall = Chalkfest, Boo at the Zoo, Etc.
      • Winter = Lunch with Santa Claus, Zoo Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Etc.
      • Spring = Party for the Planet, etc.
  • Up to 25 teens will be selected for this program with up to 6 participants per shift