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Planned Giving

Planned giving enables you to give gifts of assets that benefit your family now and in the future. These gifts enrich the Red River Zoo for years to come. Planned gifts include gifts through your will, charitable gift annuities, life estate agreements, gifts of life insurance, charitable trusts, and retirement plans. Planned gifts provide enhanced tax benefits and some return on income to you, the donor.

Charitable Gift Annuity

Receive lifetime payments as well as tax savings while you support your zoo. Transfer cash or securities to the Zoo, and receive fixed annuity payments for life.


Leave a lasting impact by naming the Red River Zoological Society in your will for a specific amount, a percentage of the total estate, or the residue of the estate.

Life Estate Agreement

Deed your residence to the Zoo now, enjoy an immediate income tax deduction, & continue to live at that residence for the rest of your life.

Life Insurance Policy

Donate a policy that is no longer needed for family protection or establish a new policy with the Zoo as beneficiary and deduct the annual premiums

Charitable Remainder Trust

Give a gift of cash, securities or real estate to fund a trust that provides you income and names the Red River Zoological Society as the remainder beneficiary

Retirement Plan

Designate the Zoo as beneficiary of a plan such as a 401(k) or IRA.

How to Start a Planned Gift

We’ll gladly assist you in finding possibilities that best suit your situation, and we’ll make the process of giving simple by working with you and your advisors. To discuss a planned gift, please contact:

Sally Jacobson – Executive Director
Red River Zoo
4255 23rd Ave S
Fargo, ND 58104