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Parent’s Night Out

Need a date night? Home improvement project still needs to be finished? Or just looking for a fun experience for your children? Come have your children spend evening at the Zoo!

Activities include carousel rides, animal close-up encounters, adventuring out on a night hike and wrapping the evening with a nature themed movie. Adventures take energy, so a snack will be provided.

Parent’s Night Out lasts from 6:00pm-9:30pm, but children may be picked up at any time. Parents can have a great night out while the kids enjoy a wild time at the Red River Zoo with an evening full of fun, games, and activities.


For ages 4-12

6:30 – 9:30 pm (children can be picked up any time)
A snack will be provided.
Children must be potty trained.

This is a consistently SOLD-OUT event, so pre-registration is required.

Please note that Parent’s Night Out registration fees are non-refundable. When possible, we’re happy to work with you to reschedule your registration for a different session if your children are unable to attend.

Upcoming Sessions for 2017/2018

October 27 – A Spooky Journey
Spend the evening learning about animals that might be a little spooky. From bats to spiders to snakes, this Parent’s Night out will definitely get us ready for the season. Costumes may be worn and are encouraged!

November 17 – A Squirrely Journey
Fall is a perfect time to learn about winter. This evening we will focus on animals that store their food, fatten up, or change color to survive the winter. Our Russian Red Tree Squirrels have been busy, and we will be too!

December 8 – An Animal Amusement Journey
Animals need to have fun as well! Tonight we will be talking about the different ways we entertain our animals through enrichment. How do we stay entertained? How do we keep our pets at home entertained? Come find out what we do to keep our animals happy at the zoo!

January 19 – A Tundra Journey
Stay warm! Animals become very creative when it comes to survival in the snow and finding ways to warm up. We will be looking at adaptations that animals have from the Tundra, and from here in Fargo, to stay warm.

February 9 – Running with the Pack Journey
Join the pack and learn all about wolves. One of our most popular exhibits will be our focus this night. We will have wolf themed crafts and presentations all night long. It will be a night to howl about!

February 23 – Follow the Leader Journey
Many types of animals follow a leader, whether it is an Alpha wolf or geese flying in a “V”. This evening we will spend learning about how animals lead each other, and how they are able to work together to complete a task.

March 9 – A Tracking Journey
Footprints, bones, and scat. We can look for many different clues to find animals in the wild and even in our own backyard. This evening will focus on different clues many of our animals will leave behind. We may need a map on our search— so you will design and create your own map themed craft!

March 23 – A Splat Scat Journey
All the animals at the zoo poo! Scat has many benefits for the environment, including being a fertilizer for plants to grow. Come and visit us this night to see how big of a role animal poop plays in the ecosystems and here at the zoo. Be sure to watch your step!

April 6 – A Spring Time Journey
Spring is here, and so are all the animals! With things warming up and flowers in bloom there is much to discover. Join us this evening for spring themed activities and games. With our last Parent’s Night Out for the season, this will be a great lead in to many of our summer opportunities here at the zoo.