Ducks in water

2022 Photo Contest

Bring along your camera when you visit the Red River Zoo!

Get a great shot and enter your photo in the 2022 Photo Contest. Selected entries will be voted upon, and the top photos will be featured on a series of postcards available in the Red River Zoo gift shop! We’ll also choose one photo to represent membership cards on our eMembership Card app.

Each selected photographer will also be awarded a prize.

How to Enter

To enter the photo contest, please upload your photo(s) to Flickr. Search for the “Red River Zoo Photo Contest 2022” group and submit you photo(s).

The deadline for entries is December 1, 2021.


By entering the contest, you are granting permission to the Red River Zoological Society to use the submitted photograph for any promotion in relation to the photo contest and/or the Red River Zoo, including, but not limited to, printed literature, signs, or images on the web. Whenever possible and appropriate, you will be given photo credit for your image.

When capturing images at the Zoo, please keep in mind that it is against Zoo policy to tap on the glass, yell at animals, or in any other manner harass the animals in order to get their attention. Our animals are naturally photogenic and they won’t miss an opportunity to ham it up for photographers.

A few notes to keep in mind:

  • Your image must be in a digital format, preferably JPEG, to be entered in the contest.
  • To be utilized on a postcard the image must be at least 300 DPI
  • Images that captured horizontally will be more suitable for use, especially in close-up photographs, but any image may be entered.